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"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

​​​​​​​Davis Enterprises, LLC is a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer, Manufacturer, & Importer. We will build basic models to highly customized AR-15, the only constraints are your imagination and your budget. Are you looking for a specific firearm or accessory you can't find at the large retailer stores? We can order virtually any pistol, rifle, shotgun, or accessory available on the market to customize and create your dream firearm for everyday self-defense carrying, special use, hunting, or target shooting. You will be the envy of all your friends when you show up to the range, or your next hunt, with your new Davis Enterprises, LLC custom tailored firearm. 

Davis Enterprises, LLC also offers FFL transfers. Call us to arrange your next firearms purchase, or process your next FFL transfer. All we need is the fax/ email and contact information for the company/ website where you purchased it, your contact information, and the transaction/ order number. We will take care of everything else. Once we receive your firearm, we will call you to set up an appointment for the transfer. The transfer fees are $35 per pistol, and $35 per "long gun" (rifle or shotgun).

Davis Enterprises, LLC also offers ultrasonic gun cleaning services and minor repairs as a Federally Licensed Gunsmith​​​​​. We service all types of firearms, including NFA firearms (Class 3). You should have your firearms professionally cleaned at least once a year to keep dirt, fouling, and lubricant build-up from forming in hard to reach areas. We proudly sell and use Frog Lube Premium CLP products for all of your cleaning and lubricating needs.

Is your ammunition the best it can be? Does it deliver consistently repeatable and dependable groups? Are you shooting 500 yards or more to hit your target? Let us custom load your ammunition to your optimum performance specifications and watch your ballistic accuracy and predictability improve. Custom ammunition increases accuracy and performance by giving you dependable ballistic performance with every shot. We will work with you to create custom tailored ammunition for your competition, target shooting, or hunting use. Custom loads can be created for all calibers of pistols, rifles, and all shotgun gages.

 Contact Michael Davis at or call at (901) 258-6590.

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