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Handgun Package Specials

​​Want to get your Handgun Permit, but do not have a gun? 

Have a handgun but it is too big to comfortably carry?


Davis Shooting is now offering 4 Concealed Carry Packages starting today. Each package comes with a firearm, IWB Holster, & the TN/ MS Permit Course. State fees not included. Firearms in each package may be interchanged to fit your personal needs and specifications with another firearm of equal or lesser value of your choosing.


Bronze Package: $495


Diamond Back 9mm 

Alien Gear IWB Holster

TN Handgun Course

Silver Package: $739


​Ruger LC-9 9mm 

​Alien Gear IWB Holster
TN Handgun Course

Gold Package: $899


​​Springfield XD-S  (pick your caliber: 9mm/.40 S&W/ .45 ACP)

Alien Gear IWB Holster
TN Handgun Course

Platinum Package: $1,249
Springfield XD-S  (pick your caliber: 9mm/.40 S&W/ .45 ACP)

Red  Crimson Trace Red Laserguard LG-496
Alien Gear IWB Holster
TN Handgun Course


  • Must be 21 years old to purchase a handgun & take the TN Permit class.
  • Firearms chosen for the package are concealable, comfortable to shoot, & carry. Smaller &/ or lighter firearms are available, but may not be comfortable to train with at the range.
  • Handgun & Class are subject to a successful TBI & NCIS background check at the time of registration and again at the time of transfer.
  • State permit application fees not included, MS Enhanced Carry applicants must complete the NRA Basic Pistol Online Course with-in 30 days prior to the course date chosen.
  • Must register & pay for the package 2 weeks prior to the date of the course chosen to ensure delivery on the Firearm chosen before the course date.
  • Guns offered are based on the  availability.
  • Davis Shooting reserves the right to substitute a firearm with another of equal or lesser value.(i.e. if the firearm chosen is sold out)
  • All sales of firearms /or accessories are final.
  • All Training fees &/or sales are not refundable. Training fees will be credited to the next course that you are available to attend in the event of a cancelation or un-forseen inability to attend the course chosen. 
"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."

Benjamin Franklin